We Do A Slow March,  2020
15 chromogenic prints, dimensions 13 x 9 cm each

Compiling a series of video-stills from television series and popular films broadcasted between 1980-1995 on CyBC’s[1]national television program, We Do A Slow March, points towards images and their narrative potentialities that originate within—and for—the medium itself, but also unfold beyond their linear filmic sequence reality. Fifteen close-up portraits of male actors and performers in their respective iconic roles, that despite their apparent stillness, instantly activate a familiar visual and cultural operation on masculinity and its representation as this was articulated within the Cypriot social fabric.

At a time where the ideal male and its bodily representation were aptly expressed as a positive stereotype and a social function, the selected screen personas construct a didactic lexicon on ‘masculine heroes’. These on-screen articulations of gender, function as scripted character-performances on masculinity and operate as symbols (both on-and-off screen) which the actors themselves embody. Repetitive visual affirmations on masculinity are manifested through assorted storylines on the same theme(s) of the ‘virtuous, brave and strong male’, and imposed through the endless reruns of the same shows for years under the monopoly of the television airwaves by CyBC. The selected portraits and the characters they represent, are images with immense power in shaping cultural and social identities: they narrate distinct male historie(s), they construct archetypal male typologies, and express the dominant cultural stipulations on how to negotiate gender, social and cultural conditions concerning various aspects of male identity

[1] Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation is Cyprus public broadcasting service, and up-until 1992 the only television channel on the island